Palm and Nokia Complete Executive Swap

Last month, Nokia hired Palm’s Peter Skillman, whose position within Palm was VP of Product Design. Today it appears Palm has returned the favor, hiring Air Jaaksi who recently resigned from Nokia’s MeeGo branch. Jaaski will be Palm’s Senior VP of webOS. Jaaski recently left Nokia it was for “personal reasons”. ¬†As All Things D points out, this is code for, “I’ve got a new job at Palm”.

Ari Jaaski

In addition to hiring Jaaski, Palm has also hired Victoria Coleman, who was in charge of Samsung’s R&D Center in San Jose. Coleman will “oversee platform and application development for next-generation versions of webOS”.

There has been plenty of employee shuffling since the acquisition, but it’s certainly refreshing to see Palm add talent.

All Things D via Unwired


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