Palm App Catalog Surpasses One Million Downloads

According to Medialets, a NY based mobile analytics firm, the Palm App Catalog hit one million downloads yesterday. It’s an impressive number considering just 150,000 Palm Pre phones have been sold and the App Catalog’s offerings are limited to roughly 30 applications. The numbers equate to an average of six applications per device. Application releases have been few and far between since the device launched, so these numbers are not likely to shift until more applications are released. Palm has started to ramp up their Mojo SDK (software development kit) early access program, which is great news for end users. The general public release is slated for later this summer.

Of course, limited App Catalog titles is not the only problem. Sprint and Palm continue to suffer with supply issues. Sales numbers alone do not bare out the demand for the Palm Pre. Palm had a self-imposed deadline of June 30th for the release of the Pre, which they met. However, the lack of sufficient inventory to satisfy consumer demand and the paltry selection of apps keeps us wondering if this is the Palm Pre beta launch. The company certainly beat the iPhone 3GS to market and opening weekend for the Palm Pre was a success, but sufficent supply in stores and an increase in applications would certainly help boost download numbers.

[via NY Times]

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