Palm Contest Offers A Chance For You To See Big Reveal

Have you heard that something big is happening on February 9th? What if you could join HP Palm for the big reveal? The company is going to select one lucky member of the community to do just that. In order to enter, you need to tweet the following message in it’s entirety. One lucky member of the community will be flown out to San Francisco for the “Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond” event.

Palm webOS event

Hey, @palm – I’m ready to #thinkbeyond on February 9:

If you are on Twitter or planning on joining for the contest, don’t forget to follow @everythingpre.
via Palm’s blog


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been putting off my Sprint upgrade for 7 months now… just waiting for this day. After using WebOS since the Pre’s launch day… I just can’t stomach the idea of changing to Android or iOS. The leaked specs for the Topaz tablet are the same processor (dual core Snapdragon) that I was praying the next WebOS phone would use! How amazing would it be to have a phone running that?? I hope I’m not thinking TOO beyond with that… :-) Whatever HP will be showing off… I can’t WAIT to see it!

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