Palm Foleo Release Delayed

According to Deutsche Bank analyst Jonathan Goldberg, the Palm Foleo release will be delayed until October.

Palm Foleo
Palm Foleo release delayed until October of 2007

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"In a round of checks yesterday we learned that the Palm Foleo will be delayed," writes Goldberg. "The product was supposed to hit Palm stores this week, but was delayed when software bugs were detected," Goldberg added. "These apparently included an inability to synchronize the Foleo with most models of the Treo, in particular the nominally high-volume Treo 680. Our contacts indicate Palm now expects the device will ship in late September/early October." Last month, Palm announced the delay of their first Linux based smartphone, pushing the release to 2008.

The Palm Foleo was announced at the D conference earlier this year and was expected to be released this summer. The Palm Foleo is billed as a smartphone campanion allowing users to view and edit email and office documents residing on a smartphone. "As we did with the PalmPilot more than a decade ago, and more recently with the Treo smartphone, Palm is driving innovation and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in mobile computing, a market full of potential," said Ed Colligan, president and chief executive officer of Palm, Inc. "The Palm Foleo represents our first product in a new line of solutions that will redefine how people work while away from their desks. It starts today with a focus on wireless email, and we expect the Foleo to grow in features and expand its capabilities as the platform grows."

Source: InfoWeek

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