Palm Nova Handsets Pushed To Q3 of 2009

Over the past few months, Palm has made strides with their hardware designs, most notably the Treo Pro. The latest Treo releases from Palm (Treo 800w and Treo Pro) both run Windows Mobile leaving fans of the Palm OS waiting for the next generation Palm OS, also known as Palm OS 2 or Nova. Nova is based upon the Linux operating system and according to the company it is still “on track” to be completed by the end of 2008.

According to Palm, handsets with the new Palm OS won’t find their way onto shelves until the second half of 2009. Recent history has shown prospective release dates for Palm OS 2 have slipped, but with the end of 2008 just three months away, they must be close to completion. 

For the new Palm OS to be successful, the company will have get developers on board and to do so, it’s important the company meet their 2008 target date. Apple continues to alienate developers, but successful developers have reaped massive profits. The software distribution model of the iPhone App Store has set the standard and Google aims to replicate this with their Android Market, sans the gatekeeper mentality. The jury is out as to how the market will react to so-called gPhones, but it does add yet another player to an already crowded smartphone market. If Palm is able to have a coming out party for their next generation OS before the end of this year, expect them to be a major player in the 2009.

via The Register

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