Palm Now Part of HP

With the shareholder approval behind them, Palm has officially become part of HP. Several Palm employees and former employees were twittering heavily last night that it was the end of Palm. These tweets were of the celebratory nature. The end of Palm as we know it is a new beginning, one that will be under HP.  Palm products already prominently featured on HP’s website. A quick search of Palm Pre turned up HP Wireless Central. There are so many interesting subplots to this acquisition. Will the Palm brand survive? Will we see new HP/Palm hardware this year? Will HP commit the resources to take on Apple and Google? For today, let’s put those to rest and celebrate Palm, a company that has enriched so many of our lives with their mobile devices.


Remember your first Palm device? Share it with us in the comments.


  1. Kevin m says:

    My first ‘Palm’ device was the blue translucent Handspring Visor, then a Palm Treo 650p > Treo 700p > Palm Pre.


  2. AKITAYO says:

    My first device was a Palm zire 21 , still have my Treo 680 GSM Long live Palm. snif.

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