Palm Offering Early Access to 1.3.1 To Preware?

A few days ago, we mentioned that some developers would be gaining early access to future versions of Palm’s webOS. The idea behind the move was to allow developers an opportunity to update their application to a version compatible with the latest version of webOS. Nothing worse than finding your favorite apps incompatible with a new OS to dampen the excitement of new update. Although nothing official has been announced, our friends at Pre|Central have been talking about a mythical 1.3.1 update. WebOS Internals, developers of the non-sanctioned Preware, has a complete listing of tweaks that are listed as 1.3.1 versions.


Is Palm offering early developer access to Preware to make sure all those precious hacks and tweaks work with the latest webOS update?  If webOS 1.3.1 is a reality, when can we expect this new update? Will it contain a speedier UI that’s been promised.

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