Palm On YouTube, Flash Support In webOS

Despite appearing to be feature-rich and stable, the webOS is still an operating system that is under development. Given the secrecy prior to CES, one would imagine there were certain limitations when reaching out to outside developers. Two of the bigger questions for Palm were regarding support for YouTube and Flash. The company was not ready to provide an answer either way, leaving the door open for both tecnologies to be available in webOS.

If Palm were to offer Flash support on webOS and the Palm Pre, it would be a big advantage over the rival iPhone. Steve Jobs has been reluctant to allow Flash on the iPhone and it’s created a cold war of sorts between Apple and Adobe. This has left users wanting the complete "real Internet" left wondering if it will find it’s way to their devices. We should have more information from Palm as we get closer to launch. Support for YouTube and Flash, while not confirmed, might find their way on the Palm Pre by launch.

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