Palm Pixi on Sprint Available on November 15th

Palm has announced that the Palm Pixi will be available on Sprint Wireless on November 15th. The diminutive Palm Pixi will be priced at $99.99 (with a 2-year agreement, after rebates). The Palm Pixi will be available at Sprint stores, Best Buy and select Walmart, Radio Shack (The Shack) locations.


For more information, check out our Palm Pixi preview.


  1. Adam McNutt says:

    Dammit! If it only had Wifi, that’d be the one I get! I need wifi, as Sprint coverage for their fast network speeds is spotty at best up here, and sometimes, wifi is all I get. :-( I LOVE candybar form factors…

  2. I am with you Adam I prefer a candy bar phone but with wifi also When will come it in GSM ? :(

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