Palm Pre 2 Preview

The lucky gentlemen at Phonescoop were granted a date with the Palm Pre 2. Palm again reminds journos that these units are pre-production and that leaves us wondering if there will be any changes when the Palm Pre 2 ships. You can view the full preview here, but here are some interesting snippets along with a video tour.

The most obvious changes to the Pre 2’s appearance are the new bevel around the front glass surface, which, by the way, is now Gorilla Glass. The display looks identical to the original, and the volume toggle, power/lock key, and silencing switch are all identical. The biggest and most welcome improvement to the hardware is the keyboard. Palm, changed the shape of the keys, and gave them much better travel and feedback. It still feels a bit cramped, but typing is much more satisfying on the revised hardware. The Pre 2 has a 1GHz processor, and the webOS 2.0 platform absolutely FLIES now.The speed improvements are real, and definitely appreciated.

Interesting that the display is reportedly Gorilla Glass. Many of these Palm Pre 2 previews showcase the speed of webOS 2.0. Cards are fast on pre-Pre 2 hardware with webOS 1.4.5. Will in-app speed be improved and will this carry over to pre-Pre 2 hardware? Those are the big questions for webOS 2.0. Still no official word on a release date for the Palm Pre 2 or webOS 2.0.

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