Palm Reaches Out To Third Party App Developers for webOS

Palm is taking steps to reach out to developers looking to develop third party applications for the new Palm Pre and webOS. Unlike the folks in Curpertino, Palm is asking for feedback from developers on third party application distribution. Don’t discount how much developers will embrace being part of the solution and having a say in the new Palm App Catalog (official name for Palm’s new App Store).

Andrew Shebanow (formerly of Adobe) is in charge of third party app distribution and solicting feedback from developers regarding the following:

  • how would you like to see application installation work? Application updating?
  • should palm provide a complete payment processing story or stay out of everyone’s way?
  • should payment be handled in-application or prior to download or both?
  • how should trials and tryouts work?
  • do you want to host your application “binaries” on your servers or on ours? Why?
  • should we treat open source applications differently? If so, how?
  • how should palm handle “featured” applications?
  • how should users be able to find/browse for your application?

Great new OS. Solid hardware. Reaching out the developer community. Palm is taking all the right steps to make the Palm Pre a success.

Developers can read more about how they can provide feedback at Andrew’s blog

via Daring Fireball


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