Palm Releases Unlocked GSM Firmware Update

Palm Releases Unlocked GSM Firmware Update

January 19, 2006

Palm has released a firmware update for unlocked GSM
of the Treo 650. The latest updater offers numerous performance
enhancements including:

  • Improved memory handling for opening larger web pages
  • Optimized Bluetooth performance and added support for additional headset or carkits
  • Improved voice quality
  • Improved device performance for heavy data usage such as email or web downloads
  • ncludes Versamail 3.1F, the latest version for the Treo 650 smartphone including an updated Mail Service (ISP) list which includes Gmail support
  • Added support for Gmail attachment downloads via web browser
  • Improved performance and increased stability with third-party email solutions that are offered directly from carrier partners
  • Added support for wired carkits
  • Updated carrier settings for data connections and MMS or when roaming internationally
  • Masked password entry in browser to increase privacy
  • Improved customizable voice or sound recordings for specific callers

The update also incorporates previous updates. For more information, please visit Palm.

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