Palm Releases webOS Update

Palm has released webOS update, a minor update that is available via ‘Updates’ on the Palm Pixi and Palm Pre. The release notes from Palm indicate webOS update fixes an issue affecting the Calendar app with an Exchange account.

This release fixes an issue in which the Calendar app displayed no events for any account after a user synchronized Calendar with an Exchange account. With this update, Calendar events now appear correctly after an Exchange sync.

Thanks SunYam in our Palm Forums.


  1. I actually got this issue fixed yesterday after calling Palm Support by disabling Network Time, changing the date to 2009 (all my events showed up and I was able to create new events) and then re-enabling Network Time.

    BTW, not only was I not able to see ANY events in my calendar, I was also not able to create any events by clicking on any timeslot on the calendar.

  2. If I try to download the update, it says I’m current. But in the phone’s info, it shows the version as 1.3.5 :(

    Is the update not available yet?

  3. When is 1.3.5 coming to the UK? I don’t understand why we have to wait for something already released in the US

  4. well… It’s the US and you’re not. Makes sense to me

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