Palm Sales Trends Improving at Verizon, Gaining on BlackBerry

A Deutsche Bank analyst has reiterated their ‘Buy’ rating on Palm due to improving sales trends at Verizon Wireless, despite the lack of promotion. Ongoing training efforts seem to be paying off with increased sales of webOS devices. Interestingly, the survey found Palm closing in on BlackBerry for “the most preferred at 17%”.


[via Street Insider]


  1. Having Exchange integration without a BES is a huge plus for the Pre.

  2. Palm is truly moving forward. and by its first birthday it will be on the top 3 service provider here in the US and hopefully many more abroad.

  3. I have AT&T … I am DYING for this phone. I have a Centro and really HATE the iphone because it can not multi-task and I can not text as fast as I can on a keypad. Hurry up Palm / AT&T – I want my PRE!!!!! (my husband has one and I have used it enough to know I do not like it; in fact he said he would buy me an iPhone and I said NO WAY)

  4. I got to use a Pre Plus at a Verizon store for the first time today and I’m in love with the device. So buttery smooth, and the keyboard really is improved over the Sprint version. Problem is I really don’t wanna go to Verizon… So I’m also waiting for AT&T to get a Pre Plus (or something even better?) or for Sprint to get the updated Pre.

    But yeah, the takeaway from this comment is that I tried a Pre Plus for the first time and it was effing GODLY.

  5. glass, if you can get past the name you should get a Palm Pixi from Sprint (unless you MUST have WiFi). My wife and I both got Pixis and I’d much rather have it than the Pre.

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