Palm Seeks Out China’s Huawei Technologies

According to report by Reuters, Palm has reached out to China’s Huawei Technologies, adding a new name to the mix of companies that might aquire Palm. Here’s where it gets interesting. Sources say Huawei was approached through its investment bank in mid-February.


“Huawei and ZTE are potential buyers. It makes sense: they don’t have an operating system or a brand, but they have cheap manufacturing costs and money to invest and develop the brand,” said IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo in London. “Consumers don’t associate Chinese brands with quality products and don’t pay a premium for such a mobile phone … Palm would be perfect for them.”

Huawei Technologies released this statement:

“As a matter of policy, Huawei does not comment on speculation about possible mergers or acquisitions. Huawei is always open to consider opportunities that will further enhance its business development.”

Other rumored companies interested in Palm include HTC and Lenovo.


  1. Huawei has recieved a BIG loan from China goverment on these days and is investing in several countries around the world.

    They are one of the latest hardware China manufacturers and one of the cheapest in terms of cost for hardware parts.

    IMHO Palm is changing the supplier/manufacturer of hardware.

    I have seen some of their devices here and most of them are basic form factor but the OS they use looks like the first HTCs, with gloss icons to navigate on it.

    It doesn´t mean that they can´t go with a better form factor right now and maybe thats why Palm is probably going with them.

    Huawei is in talks with Ecuador govermment to invest $400 millions for assembling cellular phones here.

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