Palm Showcases ‘Ares’ webOS Development Tool

Palm today showcased a new webOS development tool known as Ares. Ares is a web based development environment designed to make it easy for developers to write applications for webOS.

Ares will give developers another way to write WebOS applications and will allow fast development through a drag-and-drop interface, Palm said. It’s designed to help Web developers make the leap to becoming mobile developers, said Michael Abbott, senior vice president of application software and services at Palm. Ares will be available by year’s end through the WebOS developer site.

It won’t require any downloads or configuration, Abbott said. The environment includes debugging and a mechanism for developers to share libraries and APIs (application programming interfaces), Abbott said.

Palm showcased Ares at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco, where a Palm engineer created a Flickr search application using the new development tool. Ares will work on Firefox and Safari web browsers.

[via PC World]

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