Palm Talks Pre, End of Palm OS

In a discussion with investors, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan spoke about plans for the upcoming Palm Pre and signaled the end of the Palm OS. The current Centro model running Palm OS could be released on other carriers, but there will not be new devices running the legacy OS. Palm instead will focus their efforts on webOS and Windows Mobile. With the Pre running webOS, Treo devices being exclusively Windows Mobile, that leaves a question mark for the future of the Centro line. There has been speculation of webOS based Centro devices and that certainly appears to be possible in the future.

As for the Palm Pre, the Sprint exclusivity will carry through 2009 and Palm will look at other carriers in 2010.  The Palm App Catalog will not be the only method to add apps to your Palm Pre. The Palm Pre will support adding applications that did not originate in the Palm App Catalog. Colligan also mentioned that Epocrates was one of the key applications that he expects will be available at launch.

As for a timetable for release, that’s still the first half of 09′. To get Everything Pre coverage, please follow us on Twitter.

via PreCentral

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