Palm to Announce New Mobile Device on May 30

Palm to Announce New Mobile Device on May 30

May 29, 2007

By: Christopher Meinck

Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm, Inc., will announce a new mobile device tomorrow.

The device is founded on what Palm is calling a third “new” category of mobile device. The announcement of this new product will take place at the D: All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, California. This conference is hosted by NY Times technology writer Walt Mossberg. Attendees include Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Hawkins has given some clues saying, "I’ll give you a couple clues. I always think of mobile computing as personal computing. This long-term vision has led us through everything – first the organizers and now through the smart phone space. It’s like everything a personal computer is. Continue down that path. What are the implications of a world where everyone has a super high-speed Internet connection in their pocket and many gigabytes of storage, super-fast processors, audio, visual and multimedia? What are the consequences of that? How will that change computing when you have all that stuff available to you all the time? I try to think into the future. That’s how we come up with new products. So I’m not going to tell you what it is, but it’s following the consequences of mobile computing."

TreoCentral has some predictions on this new 3rd categry device based upon patent filings and it makes for an interesting read. Although it’s not a Treo, interested parties can discuss this topic in the New Treo Smartphones section of our forums.

EverythingTreo will provide complete coverage of the announcement and provide information as it becomes available.

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