Palm to focus 100 percent on webOS devices moving forward

During a conference call discussing last quarter’s fiscal results, Jon Rubinstein indicated that Palm will commit 100% of their resources to webOS. Going forward, the company will only ship webOS devices. This effectively puts an end to the Palm Treo and Palm Centro products. While many expected that Palm OS devices would likely end with the Centro, Palm discontinuing¬† Windows Mobile phones is surprising.


During the Q&A Rubinstein said that Palm would be “focusing all of our effort building webOS products” and that all future engineering efforts will on developing webOS devices.


  1. I am not surprised that they’ll discontinue windows mobile. For one, their move to Windows mobile was a temporary change while working on their linux derived OS. It was apparent that garnet was fast getting antiquated. I’m just surprised it took them this long, but hey, WebOS is a wonderful platform. I’m not surprised whatsoever on the news.

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