Palm To Launch webOS App Store

Officials from Palm have confirmed their intentions to launch an App Store that will include webOS applications. A launch date for the App Store has not been announced, but expect it to make it’s debut on or around the launch of the Palm Pre.

Apple has had over 500 million applications downloaded and manufacturers such as Palm are taking note. The key to Apple’s App Store is the ease of downloading applications. Rather than a hot link to a webpage, the App Store on the iPhone is a true application that makes downloading and purchasing apps easy. RIM, makers of the BlackBerry, announced their intentions to create a similar App Store. 

A large portion of applications in Apple’s App Store are free or just 99 cents, a drastic change from what we’ve come to expect from Palm OS apps. Will new Palm Pre owners expect similar pricing and availability? How will current Palm developers price apps in the Palm App Store?

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