Palm To Open Up App Catalog To Paid Apps

Palm today announced that developers who wish to charge for their webOS applications can begin submitting their apps to the Palm App Catalog e-commerce beta program. This program will begin in mid-September, so this could mean we will finally see a significant increase in the number of applications in the App Catalog. According to Palm’s own developer forums, a number of developers are not releasing their apps until they are able to sell them.

Developers will receive a 70/30 split of gross revenues generated through App Catalog sales. Customers will be able to purchase apps using Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Palm expects to launch the full developer program later this fall.

This is a critical step to getting the App Catalog going and perhaps we’ll see the drastic increase in available apps that so many Palm Pre owners are awaiting.

Update: Palm’s web developer blog provides in-depth details regarding the upcoming Palm App Catalog e-Commerce Beta.

Thanks Jesse!

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