Palm Treo 650 Smartphone Launches on O2 Network

Palm Treo 650 Smartphone Launches on O2 Network

June 8, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm, Inc. , a leader in mobile computing, and O2, a leading provider of mobile services to consumers and businesses in the UK, announced that the award-winning Palm Treo 650 smartphone is now available in the O2 business portfolio.

The agreement with O2 strengthens Palm’s position in the UK market with the goal of continuing to expand Treo smartphone presence in Europe and providing the best mobile-computing experience with the Treo family of products.

“We’ve had great success with our line of Treo smartphones in the Americas, and we’ve set our sights on Europe,” said John Hartnett, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer relations at Palm. “This announcement reflects our latest step toward fulfilling a key corporate objective of expanding Palm’s geographic reach.”

With carrier activation, the Palm Treo 650 smartphone combines a compact, full-featured mobile phone with email, a Palm OS organizer, messaging, web access and digital camera, allowing users to organize and simplify their business and personal lives all in one device. The Treo 650, awarded “Best smartphone in 2005″ by Mobile Choice magazine, comes with advanced features, including Bluetooth wireless technology and extensive multimedia capabilities, such as an MP3 player and video capture and playback.

With its high-resolution screen, QWERTY keyboard for easy text entry, non-volatile memory and user-replaceable battery, the Treo 650 is an ideal platform for enterprise email and vertical market applications. When deployed with enterprise email solutions, such as GoodLink by Good Technology, the Treo 650 enables users to send and receive email, meeting invitations, and updates to contacts and to-do lists.

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