Palm webOS 2.1 Getting Pushed Today?

According to a few reports, Palm has started to push webOS 2.1 to some devices. The update is far from being widespread, but it’s been seen on the Sprint Pre, a Palm Pre 2 and a Rogers Palm Pre 2. ┬áNo update here on an AT&T Palm Pre Plus, but that doesn’t leave us not hoping for some pre-event goodness.

webOS 2.1

Anyone else seeing the webOS 2.1 update?

via MobileSyrup and PreCentral


  1. I’d just like to see webOS 2.0 for the Verizon Pre Plus

  2. I don’t have it on my Sprint Palm Pre yet

  3. Me either

  4. Intelperfectionist says:

    Nothing here yet (Verizon Pre Plus)

  5. Christopher says:

    If you’re going to push 2.1, whatever happened to 2.0 push? Or even the release of the 2.0 phone to Verizon? Who is sleeping at the wheel??

  6. John Janetk says:

    no update on my sprint pre as of 930 am on the 22nd. Nice rumor mill y’all run

  7. were the heck did you figure out how to get 2.1.0

  8. Just wondering all of you Pre users. Are you content with your phone? It has some pretty old hardware.

  9. I’d like to see WebOS 2.1 for my iPhone.

  10. preloveit says:

    It may have old hardware but it’s the best OS

  11. Got Mine!

  12. the company SBSH ( products like calendar Touch for WM) has announced , an webos application ( PIM ? ) , to be posted very soon ; as soon as HP/PALM releases webos 2.1 ….. it has has been posted yesterday in Facebook

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