Palm webOS SDK Coming, No Legacy App Support

Palm has confirmed they will release an SDK for webOS. Application development is done using HTML and CSS. According to Palm, developers will find it "easy to create apps". Developers created a Twitter app in less than 3 days.  The company has partnered with a few long-time Palm OS developers in effort to get their apps on the Palm Pre.

Palm has not built-in backward compatibility for Palm OS applications. The company has no plans to do so, but instead will rely on a third party developer. StyleTap was able to port Palm OS apps on the iPhone, so they are most likely the developer who will look to create an emulation app for webOS and the Pre. The company never released their Palm OS emulation for iPhone, but rather showed it as a "proof of concept". Anyone from StyleTap want to comment? Plenty of Palm OS owners looking to make the jump to webOS will be looking to keep their old apps.

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