Palm webOS Update 1.4 Coming in February, Brings Video and Flash Capabilities

Palm today announced that webOS 1.4 would be available as a free over-the-air update to all Palm webOS device owners sometime in February. webOS 1.4 will offer support for video recording, editing and sharing. Another highlight of webOS 1.4 will be support for Flash content. (Note: Confirmed for Palm Pre, we’re not sure about Palm Pixi).



  1. That are great news Finally video recording and Flash Player
    I want one but not cdma here :(

  2. I remember reading before that it was capable of video recording but I never knew for sure. Great news! Definitely looking forward to a video-capable phone. And the Flash is icing on the cake

  3. lopedog33 says:


  4. Sounds good, just hope Pixi gets Flash and other good stuff. If not then what’s the point in Pixi getting webOS 1.4?

  5. I can’t see them limiting the Pixi in anyway. Yes it has a less powerful processor and less RAM, but I don’t think it’s enough that it would crippled in webOS 1.4. Let’s hope that when it does come out, everything is equal.

  6. I hope they give more camera options too.

  7. will it come to europe also?

  8. ruben eastman says:

    i hope sprint comes out with a new pre also,they said vz has a faster processor

  9. it’s about time so tired of not being able to watch vids

  10. Having a zoom option on the camera would be awesome as well, but the video capability is exciting news!!

  11. It will put the pre up there with all the top smartphones and with flash it will be the best but there going to have to fix the battery issue…it last 4 to 5 hours at best

  12. Will there be a Virtual Keyboard??

  13. if palm would give us zoom on the cam and video I would be one satisfied customer. Otherwise I’m debating on going with the htc hero, it’s a pretty awesome phone.

  14. Rushing the launch of palm pre is really back firing on them. It’s Feb 2010 and the public is still waiting for video, flash and editing! Are you kidding me! On top of that the pre does not work well when hooked up to a Mac computer! Really thinking about switching to htc hero or even the iphone. Palm, shame on you!

  15. hero sucks…had it went back to the pre……its so sloooooow and doesnt have REAL multi tasking

  16. htc hero camera is rubbish… even outside the pics are blurry WHEN IS THE 1.4 UPDATE COMIIIIIIIIIING!!! its almost march

  17. just got the Pre AGAIN & I forgot how awesome this phone is!!! Wicked can’t wait for recording capabilities though. Everyone should download the Backgrounds application. Love it. TONS of awesome wallpapers to choose from.
    P.S. I, in no way, work for Palm or the company that made the app… =)

  18. I updated on my first pre and then my ringtones stopped working. Then i updated on my second pre and the screen would freeze and the ringtones wouldn’t work. I’m on my third pre, im not planning on updating.

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