Palm webOS Update Will Address Speed of UI

One of the frustrating parts of using Palm’s webOS is the lack of speed when accessing menus and in general the UI at times feels sluggish. With hardware on par with Apple’s iPhone 3GS, the speed of the UI just doesn’t feel as fast as it should given the hardware. Longtime Linux (and webOS) developer Jamie Zawinski left the Pre citing performance as one of the reasons. While the speed has been improved with the last few updates, the good news is that speed of the UI is definitely on Palm’s radar. At a webOS Developer Event in London, Palm’s dynamic duo Ben and Dion spoke about the issue.


On ease of use, multitasking has been great; UI latency is still an issue even though the hardware is comparable to 3GS. The problem is the path to the GPU didn’t exist, but now with CSS transforms, that will be solved in the immediate future.

With the Palm Pixi set to debut on November 15th, it will no doubt feature a later build that 1.2.1. We have no idea as to the number of the build, but we’re all for seeing speed improvements in the next webOS update. That plus of course we’re hoping for a killer Facebook app. How about you? What are you looking for from Palm in the next webOS update, outside of a little shake and bake?

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