Palmary Clock Review

Review: Palmary Clock

Ratings: 4 of 5
By: Christopher Meinck

When I first installed Palmary Clock on my PalmOne Treo 600, I was
expecting a visually appealing clock. I was not disappointed and was
pleasantly surprised by a host of features offered with Palmary Clock.

Palmary Clock for Treo

Eye Candy

Palmary Clock comes standard with a visually stunning "aqua" clock
reminiscent of Apple's Mac OS X. Using the up and down on the 4 way
dial allows you to toggle between a white or blue background. The
second hand ticks away. The beautiful visual will make you long for a
hi-resolution Treo screen (with the Treo 650 coming soon, we might not
have to wait long). The application allows you to choose from skins
that are available through their website. It was difficult to find the
link. I would have liked them to include more skins, but I assume they
want to keep the size of the application/skins down. Since you can
download them, it's just an extra bit of effort to skin your clock.


From the application, you can select the Calendar function which will
provide you with monthly view only using the selected background.
During my review, the aqua background displayed with "today's date"
highlighted in red. In this view, you'll also see the date (August, 26,
2004, Thursday, 7:44 pm). Attractive, but it would be nice to see my
calendar events and to-do's within this view as I enjoyed the look of
the aqua calendar view.

Alarming? Yes

You're on a business trip, you've encountered a broken clock and don't
want to rely on the hotel staff to handle a wake up call? You're in
luck if you've got Palmary Clock. As I write this review, I'm returning
from a week long business trip that featured daily meetings at 8:30 and
would have been lost without Palmary Clock. On my first night, I set up
an alarm in Palmary Clock as a backup. Well, suffice to say, Palmary
Clock to the rescue. Bright and early, Palmary Clock chimed the
"Bonyparte" ringtone. I don't recommend this ringtone as a wakeup, but
you can count on Palmary Clock as alarm during business trips. You can
choose from any installed Midi tone or MP3. You have the ability to set
multiple alarms for different events or simple reminders.

Ready, Go

If stopwatches are your thing, this app comes with feature rich
stopwatch. I could see this being handy if you're a swim coach, for a
track meet or other sports event where time is critical.

The World In Palm

Select World Time and your greeted with a beautiful image of the world
map. Living in NYC, there was a red dot indicating the first city. You
can display up to 4 cities and the selection is endless. Click the
checkbox and you'll see where on the map the city lies and the time is
displayed in a list format beneath.

A Time Utility Belt

I had never heard of a Time Utility until this application, but it's
actually a cool feature. It will alert you as to the sunrise and
sunset. Similar to the world map, you can select up to four cities.
Palmary will let you know what time it is in that particular city. For
example, "when it is 7:57 in New York, it is 8:57 in Tokyo Day After".
If you do business overseas or travel internationally, I could imagine
this would be valuable.

Full Moon Rising

Extending the app even further, you can view all the phases of the
moon. Not my thing, but once again, a nice graphic rendition of the
moon appears in this tool.


The usefulness of Palmary Clock depends on your needs. Palmary Soft
starts with and elegant looking, customizable clock application
complete with multiple alarm clocks and an exhaustive list of time
features from World Time to full featured Stopwatch. For more
information, please visit Palmary Software.

Palmary Clock is available for trial and retails for $15.95.

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