Palm’s 2010 CES Event

Palm today announced an invite only event taking place on January 7th in Las Vegas. Could it be the debut of webOS 2.0, the anticipated announcement that Verizon will carry Palm webOS devices or perhaps an entirely new webOS device? EverythingPre will be at the event providing you complete coverage. Stay tuned!



  1. monkeyxplosion says:

    Can I come too?!

  2. Congrats Chris for the Palm inivitation. DonĀ“t miss it ;)
    Bring us good news and support me and others with Palm about a GSM unlocked version to come out soon.Maybe the PrePix. Best

  3. Sweet. Make sure to grab me a sovenir, Chris. :-) Thanks in advance.

  4. The Dark Lord says:

    I hope Palm is not just upgrading the Pre and Pixi and then put it on Verizon’s network. That would be too disappointing. I hope they take that beautiful OS and put it on some acceptable hardware. Both the Palm Pre and the Pixi (Which is the joke to me) are way too small. The pre’s keyboard is so small, I can type faster on my onscreen keyboard and the Pixi is a joke. Are these guys trying to penetrate the Blackberry market? What are they stupid. There is no more practical phone then the Blackberry and I would buy one over a pixi a hundred times. I don’t even know if you can see the cards on that little thing. I am not sure if Palm can afford to go against the market. Everything is going bigger these days and everybody loves it.

    Can you imagine this OS on a 4.5 inch screen with a great resolution, snapdragon processor speed and more memory. I would go for that any day. That is the only way I can see Palm land a winner and leverage the best OS on the market. They’d kill everybody. The card system is so awesome … who wants to beat it …Sure not iPhone or Nexus One … Please Palm wake up and produce the WebOS with the right hardware.

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