Palm’s App Catalog Experiencing Growing Pains

There was a sense of joy or perhaps relief when the first paid apps started appearing yesterday on Palm’s App Catalog. The tally put the App Catalog with over 125 apps, most of which still are free. Still in beta, the Palm App Catalog’s launch of paid apps suffered from a few issues, some of which aren’t resolved.


Those who hit the store later in the evening were surprised to find just one paid app available, despite reports to the contrary making their way around the Interwebs. Palm had to remove the paid apps due to a “security issue” or should we say it was giving the store away, literally. Those who had downloaded “homebrew” apps found themselves offered an option to upgrade for free. Homebrew apps by definition is beta software and at times a limited version of what’s available as a paid version in the App Catalog. While some developers have received donations for their development in homebrew, it was not intended to offer free upgrades to those who downloaded the free version. Those with more known-how were also able to use the SDK to create spoof applications, which could then be upgraded to actual paid apps.

Those who were clamouring to spend money in App Catalog were hit with mysterious memory limits, despite having available memory on their Pre. It appears that Palm uses some sort of partion that used solely for apps. This would mean that despite having some of your precious 8GB available, your apps partition might be packed. As of now, the only way around this is to delete apps to make room for the new apps.

Palm has already addressed the security issue and paid apps are back online. To our knowledge, the memory issue still exists. So, how about you? What’s your experience been using the Palm App Catalog.


  1. gary gaston says:

    The partition is a VERY frustrating flaw. I only have 37 apps installed on my phone. 6gigs of free space, and yet i still get a “You are out of memory, please delete an app to continue” What use is an app catalog if you are going to limit the amount of apps i can install? My friends with Iphones have WAY more than 37 apps installed. Why the hell they would partition the drive at all is beyond me.

    Oh and while they’re at it, why can i still not send a mass text? This is as bad as ATT not being able to get MMS on the Iphone. Its not a complex feature. The most basic of phones can send an SMS to multiple recipients.

    I love my Pre. Correction: I loved my Pre. I still want to love it, but Im beginning to get very frustrated with it. The last update helped a little with the performance lag, but its still very noticeable when you see how fluid an Iphone is. Yet i deal with it…

    Oh and newest thing: When my phone vibrates, it sometimes will go on for about 7-10 seconds or until i hit the power button.

    Feel like im falling out of love… and that makes me a little sad cause i really want this phone to succeed

  2. I have come across the app memory limit many times and I hope that Palm fixes this. At some point, I may only have apps that I have paid for which I might have to sacrifice in order to get another app. If Palm allows me to re-install apps for free which I have paid for but deleted, then there should be a section which lists all the apps which I have paid for but are not currently installed.

  3. Same here. I love my pre though and I still do, BUT I am getting frustrated at the fact that every time there is something new there is another issues to tend to. I love the fact that palm is working on it but like I said when there’s something new another issue comes up. The main thing that gets to me is the app Issue over priced apps and the lack of space available for the apps and i have to hear from dumb Iphone users brag about them being able to have more than a couple of apps. That’s another one for Apple. Damn it.

    Gary Gaston, I don’t know what you are talking about but i can send a message to multiple recipients. All you do is after you pick one recipient it will take you back to the screen were you right your message on the top right corner right underneath your battery charge level and the signal strength is a image of a phone book with a little guy on it click on it click on another name and you can repeat several time I have never sent more than 3 at a time so I don’t know the limit. I hope this is what you meant and helped you on your issue.

  4. Dell Ibedaboss says:

    ^Jeff…. Yes, you will be able to re-download the apps you’ve bought but deleted. Currently, I just see the little bag at the bottom-right when you first open the Catalog app. That takes you to a list of the apps you have installed and another tab for any updates for any of those apps.

    I totally agree though. Palm needs to ix-nay that damn partition for applications. I’m not sure if it’s about number of apps or file sizing…..but it needs to GO! I personally say this is the beginning of the end for Apple’s store, but that’s with much sarcasm. Palm will do great alongside it, but they got many, Mannnyyyy things to work out. That would be #1…. Can’t help with progression if everyone “filled” their app partition and can’t get new ones = Apps make the phone better, FIX IT PLEASE!!!! Gracias…

  5. Arron Vickery says:

    I am very disappointed in the partition for apps news. What’s the use of having 8GB of space if you can only have like 15 apps. If they seriously want to compete with the iPhone they are going to have to change this immediately. Its a deal buster for me.

  6. I was excited to find free upgrades last night – too bad I couldn’t install a single one of them due to the memory limit.

    Palm doesn’t have to worry about security problems with their paid apps so long as their store doesn’t actually function.

  7. I’m the Pre’s biggest fan but really this App limit is unbelievable. If Palm doesn’t act quickly on this, and by quickly I mean within days, the whole thing is going to blow up on them! Palm needs to stop worrying about what Apple software will work with the Pre and start worrying about keeping the Pre owners happy.

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