Palm’s Big Plans for MWC 2009

Palm is attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 16th through February 18th. At CES, Palm confirmed that a GSM Palm Pre was in the works, so they could be using MWC 2009 as the launch event for a GSM model. Mobile World Congress is the largest event for mobile, so this would be a perfect setting for an announcement. Sprint has an exclusive on the Palm Pre in the US, but that still leaves the rest of the world. Palm has a history of working with Vodafone, making them a likely partner. Palm has set up a password protected site at: It certainly looks as if they have big plans for MWC 2009.

Of course, some in the US are hoping an unlocked Palm Pre will be announced. Palm currently sells the Treo Pro unlocked in the US and the Pre would be a big seller for the company. Concerns would be the affect on their relationship with Sprint. If Palm does not offer up an unlocked Pre when it releases the GSM model in Europe, expect a slew of shady unlock services looking to fill the void.

Stay tuned for complete coverage of MWC 2009 and the Palm Pre here at Everything Pre. You can discuss the possibility of a GSM Palm Pre and more in our Palm Pre forums.

via Gear Log

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