Palm’s CES Event Generating Buzz

As covered earlier today, we now know that Palm will use the CES Event to launch a new prosumer series of phones that will run the Nova OS. Is there still room for Palm at the smartphone table? Some are calling the new operating sytem”amazing”, but will it be enough to win back customers who have shifted to RIM’s BlackBerry or the iPhone 3G. Expectations are high and Palm has done plenty to help build the anticipation. This product announcement is unlike most Palm’s recent history, with zero leaks prior to launch. Even more impressive is the fact we’re talking about both an OS and hardware. No screenshots, no blurrycam photos to be found anywhere. The new Palm phone has been in the hands of carriers, yet all we have to go on is Crunchgear’s source who says the new form factor is a top-down slider with a touchscreen display.

Apple will take part in their last Macworld tomorrow, an event where Steve Jobs regularly “wows” audiences with the latest in tech. Jobs won’t be there tomorrow, replaced by Phil Schiller while he recovers from a hormonal imbalance. Apple will still use this stage to announce new products, but no one is expecting a new iPhone. When Schiller leaves the stage, the focus will immediately shift to Palm at CES. The Apple talent imported by Palm has generated their own “reality distortion field”. The buzz is real, but can they deliver.  Be sure to stop back at 2:00 pm EST on Thursday for live coverage at

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