Poll: Are you buying the HP TouchPad?

HP has said it’s coming this summer and it might arrive by June 12th. So, we ask you, are you buying the HP TouchPad? Vote now in the poll and feel free to use the comments for the reasoning behind your vote.
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  1. Singersorel says:

    No rear facing camera, no video out. HP took too long to bring it out & now it’s specs are already outdated. I’m really sorry, but even though I really wanted to love it, it would have to come out at a super low cost for me to get it. WebOS alone is not enough on a tablet, it needed more.

  2. If I don’t have a Pre to use with it, why bother? Also, I prefer the smaller tablets I don’t care what Steve Jobs says something the size of a Nook suits me better.

  3. I want one. Over the past year, I’ve been slowly rationalizing justifications for owning something like this. Like choosing my PS3 over a basic Blu-ray player, I could finally see myself getting some use out of an eReader but only if it had other features. I didn’t want to own an iPad and be “one of those people”. :p But I have grown envious of my friends who do own an iPad, so there is that. But being a loyal and satisfied Handspring/Palm user for about ten straight years now and fan of webOS, the TouchPad is just what I want right now.

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