Poll: US based Palm owners, who is your wireless carrier?

Today’s announcement of the Palm Pre 2 coming to Verizon is great news for those who prefer big red. Of course, it was only a few months ago that we saw Verizon release the Palm Pre Plus, which offered improvements over of the original Palm Pre. No doubt Verizon is the largest US wireless carrier, but how does that translate to the current install base of Palm fanatics, most of whom are desperate for an update from the original Palm Pre that dates back to June of 2009. Time to break out the polls and ask our US based readers, “Who is your current wireless provider?” Are you considering a jump to Verizon for the Palm Pre 2 or holding out hope for an updated model from either Sprint or AT&T. Let us know in the comments.
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  1. Where’s T-mobile? Show some unlocked love!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So you’re the one. ( ;

    I tried to keep the poll to carriers that offer the Pre. I think the Treo 600 was the last Palm phone offered by T-Mobile.

  3. Yep, I’m the one.

    Though I’d be curious to see if there is a measurable number of unlocked users out there.

  4. Chris Wiley says:

    I hope they don’t leave Sprint out in the cold. I am more carrier loyal then phone loyal because I have used other carriers and had issues from service to customer care and found Sprint to be the best, for me at least. And phones, while I love the WebOs platform, just come in second. I am willing to hold out for a while for a newer device. I have the first generation phone that I got after camping out in the wee hours of the morning of my local Sprint store, and I am having phone envy now. Especially now that I have the $150 off my next phone.

  5. You should try to get the folks at precentral to look at this. I’m sure palm checks their stuff a lot. Might help with new device launch preferences.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sprint user here, and I really wish Palm would give me a new phone that I can use. Sprint’s prices are better than anybody else’s, and service has been acceptable to me.

    If Palm gives up on Sprint, I’m likely to go for one of the 4G Android phones. That would be sad, since I’ve been a Palm user since the original Pilot 1000, and a Palm phone user since the original Treo.

  7. C. Lauretano says:

    Wish the poll had checkboxes. I have AT&T and Sprint, though my Pre is with Sprint. If the Pre 2 would come to either carrier, I’d get it in a heartbeat. Not sure if the slight hardware upgrade will be worth buying the unlocked developer version and hoping it has the right 3G bands for AT&T

  8. I like my Pre+ just fine, but would ditch it for an iPhone when Verizon gets them.

  9. It does. It’s either AT&T 3G or T-Mobile – and from the track record I highly doubt T-mobile

  10. I will switch phones before carriers. I’m loyal to Sprint.

  11. Carolhunny08 says:

    I would also switch phones before I switch carriers and will never look at a palm phone again. With the iphone coming to verizon why even bother going that route with this phone.

  12. I will switch carriers to stay with a Palm phone! Depending on what happens @ CES, I may end up going back to VZW even though I’d prefer to keep the Sprint pricing!!!

  13. Even though I love my Pre, I won’t leave Sprint to follow Palm. If the Pre 2 were 4G, I might have to rethink that a bit but the Everythingdata plan at Sprint is so much better than anything that Verizon offers.

  14. Meh, no one cares.

  15. myharpoon says:

    I’ve owned the gamut of Treos on AT&T (600, 650, 750). I’ve hated the iPhone from day 1. AT&T’s selection of other smartphones is complete crap: Android, Blackberry (although the Torch intrigues me).

  16. John JanetK says:

    ok lets get this straight. Sprint has the most pre/pixi/webOs users and still haven’t gotten a better/bumped spec device from HPalm. I’m beginning to think Sprint/HPalm are giving up on the most loyal of webOs lovers out here

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