Rumor: New Palm Phones In Sprint Inventory System

The folks at Pre|Central have been sent a screenshot of  Sprint’s inventory system that indicates two new Palm phones. The Palm 120 and Palm C40 appear with a price of $1, which one would assume is a placeholder. Joining these two is the Palm 100 which is the shipping Pre and a few models of the Centro.


Just a few days ago, we saw the P100 and P121 crop up in Verizon’s inventory system.  This led us to believe that Verizon would be picking up the Palm Pre and perhaps the Palm Eos. If the P121/P120 is the Palm Eos, then what is the Palm C40?


  1. lol there’s one for $1.00 xD

  2. hmmm, that looks a lot like the Best Buy inventory system I used when I worked there, just sayin

  3. The 1.00 tag is for demo skus

  4. C40 is a move in chess game, Where 2 pawns black and white are face to face, but the white pawn has to it side a horse, that will take next the black pawn.
    The white pawn with the horse is a Palm device,and the black pawn represents the competitors.

    IMO, C40 will bring up more horse power to it device Just for metioning it, with 2 strong features :more storage (16GB) with slot sd card maybe ? and a new processor,faster than the actual one, video recording and a better camera 3 or 5 mpxles.

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