Rumor: Palm Pixi Launching on October 20th

Palm and Sprint in their midnight announcement of the Palm Pixi let us know that the device would be available in time for the holidays. According to BGR, the launch date is set for October 20th, which would be a Tuesday. No word yet on pricing from either official or unofficial sources.


With prices dropping on the Palm Pre, one has to wonder where the entry-level webOS device will be slotted from a price perspective. If the device does drop on October 20th, perhaps that means Pre owners will get the native Facebook app along with a few new Synergy options. Check out our Palm Pixi Hands-On Preview or the abundance of eye candy that is our Palm Pixi Photo Gallery for more information.

[via BGR]


  1. I returned my pre because of the slide out ‘to the bottom key board. If they had slid it out perpendicular – to the side, it would have been much easier to type – problem, key board is way to small. It slide out anyway, why not side out the other direction and make use of the size. Oh well. I got another phone.

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