Rumor: Palm Pre 2 Launch Scheduled for November 11th

Earlier today, Palm announced the Verizon Palm Pre 2. While there are a few pre-production units out there, the announced release date was “in the coming months“. According to Droid Life via everythingandroid, the Palm Pre 2 will launch with a group of Android devices on November 11th. Sounds plausible to us considering Verizon will likely want to take advantage of the holiday rush. Going back to Palm’s announcement, coming months sounds more like December.
Palm Pre 2

In completely unrelated editorial, does Palm not come up with the most awesome wallpaper?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to go from pre-production to production in time for November 11th?

  2. Stoked.

  3. Eddiebaretoe says:

    Any news if SPRINT customers will get the PRE 2?

  4. Sprint customers got first shot at the original Palm Prē, watched as Verizon then got the upgraded and cheaper (purchase price) Prē Plus and now sit on the sidelines again as VZ rolls out the new Prē 2!Hey Sprint, if you are not working REALLY HARD with HP/Palm to get this into your lineup FAST, you are going to soon lose a lot of customers…Not sure about other Sprint users, but the hardware my original Prē is built on is falling apart and a new phone (or carrier) is in the works soon…

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