Rumor: Palm To Fix App Space Limit Issue in webOS 1.3.5

According to anonymous sources, the upcoming webOS 1.3.5 update will resolve the installation space issue plaguing users who are bumping up against space restrictions. Users who reached the limit are receiving the error message, Sorry Not Enough Memory, please delete an application installed to make room. Palm likely did not anticipate users installing so many apps. Pre|Central confirms that the update has already been seeded to developers, and they’ve detailed how Palm fixed the app space limit.

Palm’s solution has moved apps out of the fixed-size /var partition and into a new folder on /media, otherwise known as the USB drive partition. The /media partition is the largest on the device and provides about 7 GB of free space out of the box.

Good news abound and perhaps we’ll see webOS 1.3.5 in the next two weeks.

[via Pre|Central]


  1. Now if only they would come out with a better battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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