Seidio Battery Charger for Treo 650 Review

Review: Seidio Battery Charger for Treo 650

Ratings: 4 of 5
By: Christopher Meinck

Up until now, Treo 650 owners looking to charge a spare battery were limited to the Palm Cradle Kit or using their Treo 650. Seidio’s new battery charger is the only standalone battery charger available on the market and offers a nice option for power users who require a spare Treo battery to keep their Treo 650’s powered up.

What’s Included:

The Seidio Battery Charger comes with the following:

  • Battery Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Seidio Battery Charger for Treo 650

    Charging Your Treo 650 Battery

    The Seidio Battery Charger allows you to charge a spare Treo 650 battery. The unit comes with a USB cable that charges your Treo battery when directly connected to your PC or Mac’s USB port. The included cable can be used with a wall adapter (not included) that enables you to charge via a standard wall jack. The unit has one LED which illuminates red when the unit is charging the battery. You’ll need a spare Treo 650 battery in order to make use of the unit. We tested a Treo 650 battery and it completely charged our battery. The charger does not have an LED indicator that advised us of when it reached full charge. The LED remains red whenever it’s on. Not knowing when it’s reached a full charge could be a inconvenience. Since most will use this device to charge a backup, then the lack of a “fully charged” LED isn’t an absolute necessity, but rather a feature we would have like to have seen included.

    Stylus Holder

    This is billed as one of the features of the Seidio Battery Charger. If you have a spare stylus, the charger will hold it as if it’s a modern day pen holder of sorts. We tested it. It’s not exactly a feature that excited us, but it works. As mentioned, we’d rather see this slot used for LED to indicate the battery has been fully powered up.

    Desktop Charging

    The Seidio charger is meant to sit on your desk. If you happen to own the Seidio InnoDock for Treo 650, then you’ll be pleased to know that Seidio makes the Seidio Battery Charger in matching Silver or Blue. The unit itself is lightweight and small making it ideal for charging extra batteries on business trips.


    The Seidio Charger will charge your spare Treo 650 battery without a problem. The USB cable connection makes it compatible with a host of adapters or just by connecting to your computer. The availability of matching colors to the InnoDock make this a flexible and nice alternative to the Palm Cradle Kit – which to date was the only method of charging a spare battery outside of using your Treo 650 itself. We’d like to see future versions offer an LED to indicate when the battery has reached it’s full capacity or charge. This product is a nice follow-up to the InnoDock. It’s size and weight make it an incredible flexible unit for charging a spare Treo 650 battery on your desktop or while travelling.

    The Seidio Battery Charger for Treo 650 retails for $21.95.

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