Seidio Holster for Treo 650 Review

Review: Seidio Holster for Treo 650

December 14, 2005
Ratings: 4 of 5

By: Christopher Meinck

One of the more popular accessories among cellphone and smartphone owners is a cellphone clip or holster. This no-nonsense
approach allows you to clip your phone to your belt or purse and allows for easy, quick access to your phone.

Secure That Treo

the value of the Treo 650, it’s of vital importance that a holster (of any sort) keeps your smartphone secure. Using the Seidio, the Treo 650 snaps into place with ease. There’s a fine balance between securing the Treo and
being able to get it into the holster. Most people who choose
a holster want easy access, so it’s crucial that it be easily removed and inserted.
Seidio has struck a perfect balance providing:

  • Easy insertion
  • Quick removal
  • A holster that properly secures the Treo

Quaility and looks

The Seidio Treo 650 Holster is constructed of what appears to be a high quality, heavy plastic. The portion which
clips onto the Treo is smooth and somewhat rounded as to not chip or scratch the Treo. I did not experience any chipping or scuffing
during my test. However, there is a distinct point of “necessary” contact, so a few thousand clips could result in
some scuffing. That being said, I felt very comfortable with the way the clip was designed. Those looking for added protection, should
look at the the Seidio Skinned Holster. This is a skin compatible holster
that comes with a skin case for added protection. In terms of looks, there isn’t
much to say about the Seidio, other than it’s a simple, clean looking design that “feels solid“. In addition, the Seidio adds
very little weight to the Treo.


If you drop the Seidio Holster along with your Treo 650, there is a good chance you’ll damage your Treo. The Treo faces
inward on the case, so the screen is protected. Being a holster, there isn’t anything to cushion a fall. The hard plastic bottom
of the Seidio does however protect the bottom corners of the Treo.

The inside of the clip (where the Treo faces) is covered with a soft, velvet material that protects the front of the Treo. The screen
is roughly 1/8th of an inch from the holster. The back of the holster has a small cutout by the keys. I’m not sure of the purpose
of this, other than to allow you to talk with the holster on and that doesn’t feel natural holding the phone up to my ear with the clip.

Heavy Duty Clip

The clip is not wide and at it’s farthest point, it’s less than a 1/2 inch from the holster. This keeps the case width and overall
size of the Treo in the holster down. The clip itself could accomodate belts up to 1 1/2 inches. As with the rest of the Seidio,
the belt clip is very well constructed and snaps tightly. It also allows you to snap the clip into six different positions allowing
you to hold the Treo vertically or horizontally in either direction.


The Seidio Holster for Treo 650 offers minimal protection, but that’s not it’s intended purpose. It is a well-constructed, solid holster
that is perfect for those looking for quick access to their Treo and the ability to clip on a belt or purse. What I liked most
about the Seidio was it’s simplicity and high quality craftsmanship. If you are a heavy (read: abusive) user, then the Seidio Skinned Holster
would better suit you.

The Seidio Holster for Treo 650 retails for $27.95.
The Seidio Skinned Holster adds a skin case and retails for $29.95.

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