Seidio Spring-Clip Holster Review

This past Saturday I was pleased to find my Seidio holster sitting on my doorstep slightly ahead of schedule.  Having owned their spring-clip holster for my Verizon-branded HTC 6800 for the last year and a half, I was very excited to see that Seidio had created one for my new Palm Pre.  Since I’d been happy with my previous holster, I didn’t hesitate to order the Pre version and I’m glad to report it does not disappoint.


The first important thing to note about the Seidio brand holster as opposed to other brands is that instead of the typical uni-body bendable plastic  design, the Seidio holster has a spring-loaded top clip that opens independantly of the body (hence the “spring-clip” title).  Contrary to what you may think, the spring mechanism is very strong and provides excellent retention holding the phone securely in the holster.  Personally, I prefer this design over the traditional one-piece plastic because I found that over time the plastic weakens and warps from the constant flexing, making the holster less secure and increasing the chance of the phone falling out.

A soft rubber coating encases the entire body of the Seidio holster, including the top  and belt clips.  Not only does this provide a good overall grip, but also ensures that no portion of the holster will scratch your phone.  In addition, Seidio has added two more gentle-touch elements; a black felt backing on the inside of the holster to prevent screen rubbing, and a rubber bumper built in to the top clip to keep the pressure against the back of the device instead of pushing down on the top.  A pleasant surprise was that the color of the rubberized coating on the holster matches perfectly with the Touchstone back door for the Pre, giving it a nice unified look when the phone is inside.

Judging from my previous 1.5 years with the Seidio holster for my Verizon phone, the springs in the top and belt clips do not seem to lose much tension over time.  They feel as strong as they did the day I bought it, and still hold my old smartphone securely.   Aside from one small scratch (from a drop), the rubberized coating also held up wonderfully.  Nowhere on the holster did the rubber rub or wear off from constant use.

Overall, the Pre version of the Seidio spring-clip holster seems to continue in the same vein as previous iterations.  The high material/build quality and attention to detail are still there, as is the solid, secure feel.  For anyone looking for a holster style case for your Palm Pre, I highly reccommend the Seidio over other brands.

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