Sena Leather Case for Treo Review

Sena Leather Case for Treo Review

Ratings: 4 of 5
By: Christopher Meinck

The Sena Treo 600 case was brown. The color works well with the GSM Treo. Itâ??s a conservative case, but the brown leather gives it a hint of style you wouldnâ??t get from standard black. It defnitlely looks like something youâ??d see on an advertising executive. Itâ??s conservative, yet cool.

Finely crafted

The Sena case is made of leather and is form fitting for the Treo 600. I imagine that constructing a form-fitting, easy accessible case is no easy task. You must allow for openings to access the keyboard, headphones, power button, stylus, sync-cable, speaker, camera, etc. You get the picture. The case is very well constructed. All of the above were accessible and the Treo was snug in the case. In some cases such as the sync-cable, I had to adjust the case to get clear access. This was a very slight adjustment. I found myself bumping into lip of the case when hitting up on the directional key. Over time and through usage, Iâ??m guessing this might not be an issue â?? similar to a new wallet that feels just right after a few months use. One of the great features was the snap. Not only did this secure my Treo, but it secured my SD card. On more than one occasion, my SD card has popped out. In one instance, I dropped in a parking lot and was lucky to find it there the next morning. With the Sena case, you will never have to experience the trauma of a lost SD card.

So, thatâ??s what my Treo looks like

The Sena case is non-obtrusive and doesnâ??t add any bulk. I was very impressed with how they retained the feel of the Treo while offering protection. Even with the clip, the Sena impressed with itâ??s slimline approach. The Treo is a great looking device and the case really shows this off. Like most gadget geeks, showing off your technology is important. The Treo looks great in this case.

Protect my Treo, it might be on eBay one day

Letâ??s face it. One day there will be a Treo 700 or some other next generation Treo that will make you want to rush out and upgrade. Nothing eases a technology upgrade like reselling your Treo. So, youâ??ll need to protect your Treo and keep it scratch free. Additionally, with providers like Cingular not offering insurance, itâ??s important to protect your investment. The Sena case will guard most of your Treo against scratches. With the screen exposed, itâ??s recommended that you invest in a screen protection. While the case will prevent scratches and blemishes caused by everyday use, I would have concerns if itâ??s dropped. The bottom corners are exposed and dropping your Treo on concrete could have some severe consequences. With any case, you could damage your investment. Some very basic adviceâ?¦â?Donâ??t drop your Treo on concreteâ?.


Iâ??d recommend the Sena Treo 600 Leather Case to anyone looking for stylish leather case. It allows for access to all ports and does not add much to the size of the Treo. The snap at the top is an excellent feature that helps provide for a good fit for your Treo and SD card protection.The Sena cases for Treo range in price from $34.95 and $43.95.

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