Sirius Satellite Radio on your Treo

Sirius Satellite Radio on your Treo?

By: Christopher Meinck

September 8th, 2005

Sirius Satellite Radio has announced that it will make itâ??s a portion of itâ??s satellite radio programming available via Sprint phones. No word as of yet on whether this feature will be available on the Treo smartphones. Sprint phones, the Treo included, currently lack the technology to receive satellite signals. Sprint will use the wireless internet to send the music. The service will be available sometime later this year. The deal is non-exclusive, meaning that Sprint could strike a similar deal with XM Radio.

Current Streaming Radio Options

Currently, Treo owners have been able to stream audio using PocketTunes Deluxe and accessing streams via Shoutcast. It wouldnâ??t be surprising to see future Treo smartphones with built-in satellite chips. Sirius has already made overtures towards Apple to offer itâ??s service on the iPod.

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