SkinTight for Treo 650 Review

Review: Speck SkinTight for Treo 650

Ratings: 4 of 5
By: Christopher Meinck

The Skin Tight case for Treo 650 is a recent addition to the line
rubberized skin cases from Speck Products. In a crowded field
of skin case options, we were curious to see how the Speck branded
product performed.


Speck products come in a very attractive blister pack and the Treo 650 case is no different. The package includes:

  • Skin Case
  • Holster

High Quality Rubberized Protection

The Speck SkinTight for Treo 650 comes in blue, black or clear.
Speck packaging does not mention the grade of the rubber, only
to say that it’s rubberized protection. They do have a cut-out on the packaging
that would allow consumer’s to preview the feel of the skin. The skin used
on the Speck is of the highest quality and has a great feel to it.
I’m surprised the marketing people at Speck don’t advertise the quality of the skin.
With the crowded field of skin cases, the quality of the material for me was a differentiating factor. After a little
research on their site, I found out it’s made of Kraton – special polymer (plastic) and
it’s actually silicone free. Now, I didn’t know Kraton from Crayola until now — but I like it.

Treo Coverage

The Speck is very interesting in that it features a lid that protects the screen
from scratches. The case has two holes that allows for easy insertion or removal
of the screen cover. It also has a small piece of rubber that allows for securing the
cover. It is a bit clumsy but functional. What I liked most about this option was that it was easy
to remove. Depending on my expected activities, I could see using the case
with and without the cover. In most real-world situations, I would not have
the cover – this partly due to accessibility factor and the use of screen protector
overlays. Speck clearly wants to protect your Treo from damage and it’s
clear from the completeness of the SkinTight package. The navigation buttons are beveled
and molded to size and specifications of the Treo 650. The keyboard on the
other hand is fully exposed. This was great. The beveled silicone buttons are
easy to use, but did take some getting used to. Additionally, keyboard protection might have been overkill and affected the usability of the Treo. There is a fine line between a Treo case that protects your Treo and one that makes it difficult to use
in daily life. There are cutouts for that allow for HotSync while using the case which
is a big plus for skin cases. In my experience, pulling skin cases off my iPod repeatedly
affected the shape of the skin. With the Speck you have full access. The
only time you’d need to remove the case would be for a soft or hard reset.

Treo 650 Holster Included

For me, this was a great include. Most of the skin cases I’ve come across have offer the option
of a belt clip. Speck takes this one step further by including a inward facing holster. It’s ideal in that
you can carry your Treo 650 without the big silver screw needed for belt clips. If you need to attach
your Treo to a belt or pants, then just slide it into the supplied holster. Because it’s a skin case, the Treo 650 glided
into the holster and fits snug.

Attention to Detail

If you’re like most, you’re thinking "How can much different can a skin case be from the rest?". Well,
that all depends on how much importance you place on detail. The folks at Speck clearly had detail
on their minds when designing this case. Examples of this are:

  • cutouts for led, speaker,camera,hotsync,ringer, microphone,stylus
  • tactile rubber "balls" that help navigate the 5 way navigation
  • transparent plastic that shows PalmPowered logo
  • extra thick rubber that offers protection, but not at the expense of usability


The Speck Skin Tight for Treo 650 offers maximum protection when compared to other skin cases. The addition of a removable screen protector is a nice option for some and it was a welcome relief that it’s easily removable. The addition of the holster is a nice alternative to skin cases offering the belt clip option. The ability to use the skin without the holster or the bolt that accompanies belt clip skin cases was great. Where the Speck really shines is in the quality and craftsmanship of the skin. The use of Kraton offers thick skin protection, great feel and the design allows for complete use within the case. We highly recommend the Speck SkinTight for Treo 650 to anyone in the market for a qualtiy skin case for their Treo 650 due to it’s excellent quality and inclusion of a in facing holster.

The Speck SkinTight for Treo 650 retails for $34.95 and is available in clear, blue and black.

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