Slap Review

Review: Slap

Ratings: 4 of 5
By: Lulu Turnbull

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and reached for your Treo to take down a piece of information? Which application should you open to take the info? You might use Memo
and then decipher the info later by cutting and pasting. Another option would be to use Slap – an application that make this process faster, easier and intuitive.

What is Slap?

The single most impressive thing about Slap is its simplicity- it won’t hold any of your data, give you any kind of information or reference but will instead give you a board
to hold your current note. You then have the option to deposit it into the appropriate application.

Note? Address? No Problem!

In my example, I’ve created a fictional note about Judge Judy containing her address. The first and most obvious use would be to add the entry to my address book. The entry works best
if each element is on a new line-Slap will map each line to the appropriate field.

Importing Slap to Address Book

But what if I don’t want this added to my address book? No problem, I can convert it to a memo or an appointment. Slap gives me the option to choose which category to file it into.
There is also a nifty feature for date and time stamp within the message- and you have the option to select what date and time to insert.

Third-Party Support

Another option for entry is into Natara Daynotez. This is excellent for those times when a quick note becomes a
lengthy document which you will later need to refer to. Tap the Palm icon in the bottom right corner and your entry can
be translated into Daynotez. Slap will also allow you to add some ‘Quick Launch’ applications to be able to access.
I’m not entirely sure why this feature has been included since you cannot add your ‘Slap-note’ into any of the applications
you add, however, I am sure there are some people who will find it useful for multitasking.

Tasks-A Word of Caution

In the event that you want to create a task from your slap-note you need to be aware that Slap interprets every line break as a new task. So for my Judge Judy entry, Slap reads it as 3 tasks to
be entered. It would be more useful if there was some option to reject the 3 tasks and only accept 1 (either just the first line, or all the lines as one entry).


I found Slap to be a valuable addition to my Treo by adding intuitive note taking that allows for easy transfer into any of my Palm applications. It’s a great idea in a small package. You can assign it to one of your hard keys which makes pulling it up as simple as pressing a button.

Slap is available as a trial and retails for $12.95

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