Smartphone Experts MC6 Magnesium Treo Case Review

Review: Smartphone Experts MC6 Case

July 14 , 2006
Ratings: 2 of 5

By: Christopher Meinck

Having reviewed a number of cases for the Palm Treo, the Smartphone Experts MC6 magnesium is a case that stands apart from the rest. You could think of it as body armor for your Treo 650 or Treo 600 smartphone.

Magnesium Treo Case

Build quality

There is no denying the build quality of the MC6. It’s constructed out of magnesium which according the Smartphone Experts is lighter and stronger than aluminum. Magnesium is also commonly used in electronics and automotive parts. The MC6 magnesium case has been molded to fit the Treo 650 and Treo 600. Tested with a Palm Treo 650, the fit was absolutely perfect. With the cover open, you insert the Treo by sliding into the top of the case. Once the Treo was secured in the M6 case, there was absolutely no movement of shake. You notice a distinct click when you close the front of the case. It provided me with a sense of comfort that the Treo 650 was secured and the door wouldn’t accidently pop open. Even the cover open the Treo 650 didn’t budge when turned upside down. The case also extends over the Treo at each of the four corners. Combined with the snug fit, it would be difficult to unseat the Treo if it were accidently dropped or the case cover opened.

Protects Treo from falling out of case

The case uses a two-hinged cover. The intention was to provide more room to access the Treo and indeed it does. I held the hinge to see what it be like if the door had a hinge at the top. Sure enough, this would impede my ability to use my Treo.

Cover open on Treo magnesium case pic

Included with the MC6 Magnesium case was an optional belt-clip. There was a provided screw that goes into the back of the case and a plastic clip that snapped into place. Although lighter than aluminum, the case does add bulk and requires a sturdier clip. There are no options to carry the Treo horizontally using this clip and causes significant drag on your belt due to the combined weight of the Treo and M6 case.


There are two versions of the MC6 magnesium case – with our without SD storage. The model I tested had SD storage slots on the back of the case. While I was impressed by the contruction and snug fit of the Treo, this was not the case with the SD storage slots. I duplicated the "packing of cigarettes" with the MC6 Case to simulate what could happen if the case was jarred. The cards did slightly move out the storage slot, so I would not feel comfortable storing my data in these slots.

Treo SD Storage

The interior of the MC6 Magnesium is lined with neoprene and protects the Treo from the scratches and provides an added level of shock protection against drops. Additionally, the case comes with a hard clear plastic that protects the screen.


The MC6 Magnesium offers access to all of the key ports on the Treo. I was easily able to connect a hotsync cable, but as I guessed the MC6 is too big to fit in the Seidio InnoDock (see review). The camera has a cutout, so you can take photos using this case. There are additional cutouts for speakerphone, status indicator and microphone. There was a small circular cutout on the back of the case and I initially thought this was to reset your Treo if were using Seidio’s replacement cover with reset hole. This hole is on the opposite side of the Treo, so it offers no inherent functionality.

The QWERTY keyboard is completely covered with the MC6 case. You must flip open the cover in order to access the keyboard. For the Treo to be of use while in the M6, they do offer an opening to access the call, calendar, home, menu, email and hang-up buttons along with the 5-way navigator. The buttons on the Treo actually become recessed, so your thumb has to enter the opening to depress the buttons. I have smaller hands, but still had difficulty accessing both corner buttons – call and hangup. These are critical to using the phone, so this was a major disappointment.

Access Treo buttons through case


The Smartphone Experts MC6 Magnesium is clearly designed for individuals who carry their Palm Treo in the toughest of environments. The build quality is excellent offering a perfect fit for the Palm Treo 650 and I had no doubts about it’s ability to protect the Treo in the harshest of conditions. Unfortunately, the case suffers from an insufficient belt clip, poor storage security and access to buttons on the Treo hindered my ability to use the Treo while in the case. If you’re looking for a solid build and protection, the M6 offers that and more, but expect less than optimal usability when the cover is closed.

The Smartphone Experts MC6 Magnesium case retails for $39.95 with our without SD storage.

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