Special Palmtastic Software Savings Event

Starting today, the Everything Treo Software Store is offering savings of up to 50% off 25 of the best selling Palm applications of all time during our Palmtastic Software Savings Event. You can save up to $20 on some applications. This special promotion includes top sellers such as:

  • Ringo Pro: $29.95 $14.98 Bring your Treo alive with MP3 ringtones.
  • TouchLauncher: $6.99 $3.50 Turn your Treo into an iTreo
  • CallRec: $19.99 $10.00 Record important phone calls
  • VolumeCare Pro: $19.95 $9.98 Boost the volume of your callers
  • PDANet: $34.00 $17.00 Use your Treo as a wireless modem and connect your PC to the Internet via your Treo
  • TAKEphONE: $19.95 $9.98 Find/Call/Edit contacts fast and easy
  • Softick Audio Gateway: $19.95 $9.98 Adds A2DP support allowing you to utilize Bluetooth Stereo headphones on your Treo
  • Phone Technician: $14.95 $7.48 Take control of your Treo with MP3 ringtones, ecalating ringtones and more
  • RingCare: $24.95 $4.98 A complete ringtone management solution that allows you to use MP3 ringtones for incoming calls, text messages and voicemail
  • UltimatePhone: $9.95 $4.98 A one of kind application that provides a gateway to web 2.0. UltimatePhone takes your Treo’s features and makes them better.
  • Kinoma Player 4 EX: $24.99 $12.50 The premier media player for the Palm OS. 

This is just a sampling of what’s available in our Palmtastic Software Savings Event. Hurry though, this event ends on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at midnight PST.


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