Sprint Treo 700

Sprint Treo 700

The new Sprint Treo 700 is rumored to be released in the April/May timeframe by Palm. The Treo 700p, as it’s being called, looks as if
it will be relased on the Sprint Wireless network. The 700p will run the Palm operating system and will be the follow up to the popular
Palm Treo 650. It is expected the Sprint Treo 700 will be exclusive for a time period yet to be determined.

Sprint Treo 700 Pics

Pictures of the Sprint Treo 700 have cropped up on the web. The photos depict the new Treo 700 being Palm OS based and have surfaced on many Treo discussion forums. The form factor appears to be similar to the Windows based Treo 700w. The buttons on both devices appear to have different functions with the Power button, answer and disconnect taking the place of the menu buttons on the 700w. Additionally, the Windows button is the Calendar button, OK button becoming the Email button. The new buttons shown in the Sprint Treo 700 pictures are more of a modification of the Treo 650 than the Treo 700w. No official word yet from Palm on the validity of these pictures.

Sprint Treo 700 Release Date

There has been no official confirmation of the device, let alone a release date. Some websites, such as Engadget, have been leaking the date as May 28th. For the very latest on the Sprint Treo 700 release, sign up for the Everything Treo eNewsletter. Discuss the Sprint Treo 700p in our forums.

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