Sprint users, time for your voice to be heard

Sprint hasn’t seemed very interested in updating your beloved Pre with either the Pre Plus or the Pre 2 that’s coming to big red. Going on 16 months without a new webOS device has caused a bit of stir in the Sprint Pre community. Well, now there’s an opportunity for Sprint to hear your voice. The company has set up a poll in their official forums asking “Which mobile platform do YOU think Sprint should focus on?” Registration is required, but it’s a good opportunity to let them know how you feel. They are soliciting feedback. Give it to them.
Sprint survey

via PreCentral


  1. While I agree that Sprint should focus its efforts on HP WebOS, and Android a little too, this survey is very bias for being posted on a website that targets HP WebOS users…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d say yes if we were conducting the survey. Sprint wants feedback from their customers and this poll is on their website. Sprint Palm Pre customers are dying for a new webOS device. This is a good opportunity for them to let Sprint know how they feel.

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