Palm Pre 2 Sizzle Promotional Video

This video has been making the rounds for a few days and we’ve yet to feature here. This isn’t a commercial, but rather a short promo video highlighting webOS. Given the similarities in form factor to the original Pre, it will be interesting to see how Palm/Verizon market the Palm Pre 2. Will they go purely OS and how do they convey all of the improvements in the Palm Pre 2? What we do know is that it’s not likely that we’ll see Creepy Girl 2.0.


More “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” Ads

In case ¬†you missed these, Palm has a few new ads in support of the new “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” campaign. One noticeable difference is the appearance of a phone in the ads, which was a complaint about the original ad. Next round, it would be great if we could see a glimpse of the phone to distinguish it as a Palm phone. Palm logo on the back will suffice. All in all, job well done. Anyone see these on their favorite show or sporting event? Let us know in the comments. Also hit us up if you know what songs are used in the commercials.

New Palm Ad “Life Moves Fast. Don’t Miss a Thing”

Palm has dropped a new ad that you’re likely be seeing in heavy rotation on the major networks. In short, it’s good and really showcases the multi-tasking functionality of the Pre. It’s more about the webOS and in fact, no phones are to be seen at all in the ad.

Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments.

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New Palm Pixi Commercial

Palm is getting ready to release the new Palm Pixi and along with it will be a new advertising campaign. Many were critical of the previous campaign might find this commercial to be more appealing. It certainly showcases webOS and the thin-ness that is the Palm Pixi. Give it a view and let us know what you think in the comments.

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