Palm Releases webOS Plug-in Development Kit, Showcases 3D Gaming

In addition to the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus devices, a significant announcement today at CES was Palm’s Plug-in Development Kit. Essentially, this opens the doors for robust 3D games on existing Palm Pre devices and of course the new Palm Pre Plus. The new 3D games are available now in the App Catalog. Several high profile game developers were offered early access to the new PDK, including EA Mobile how demonstrated “Need for Speed” on the Palm Pre.


Again, these games are available now via the Palm App Catalog and definitely the most impressive gaming we’ve seen on the Palm webOS platform. Full details of the Palm PDK after the break.


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Palm Live Twitter Support Hour

Have questions about the Palm Pre that you weren’t able to get resolved in our Palm Pre forums? Well, Palm will be hosting a Twitter Q&A with Dave Moloney, Palm’s Director of Knowledge Management tomorrow from 1pm-2pm Pacific time. To ask a question, simply send your question with @palm in your tweet during the specified time frame. If we don’t make it in time, here’s our question:

@palm when can we expect your App Catalog to offer a wide variety and steady stream of apps.

via Palm’s Blog